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S2000 Performance Upgrades

The thrill of turning an average street car into a fine tuned road beauty is easier than you think. Road beauty is not only measured by the parts that make up the exterior of the car, but by the performance enhancing engine parts that make it purr. There are a few key S2000 performance upgrades that are important in the build process. When the upgrades are completed, your everyday ride turns into a sleek highway beast that performs like a race car.

The first engine upgrade to consider is a cold air intake filter system. It’s best to find a CAI filter system that’s legal for street use. This engine upgrade alone will add 10 horse power and torque and the difference in the car’s performance in the city as well as the highway is immediately appreciated. The next S2000 performance upgrade to consider are the brakes and the clutch. If more horse power is added to the engine, the brakes and the clutch will play an important part in the balance, control and safety of the vehicle.

S2000 Performance UpgradesOnce the extra horse power is added it’s time to improve the handling and the stability of the car. By adding a high performance suspension system, as well as adding heavy duty shock absorbers and lowering the springs, the airflow dynamics improve and the car’s clearance is lower. The visual effect is dramatic and the car feels and handles better in all road situations.

These upgrades change the interior and the exterior look of the car, but as we all know the sound is what makes the difference between an average car and a road demon. A high performance exhaust muffler not only provides the quality of sound associated with race cars, but it can add another 10 horse power to the engine. That’s a big change and it can be done on an AP1 or AP2. A high performance exhaust muffler system could be considered the icing on the cake in terms of car upgrades and performance, if you are staying normally asperated..

Another upgrade that could add another 20 horse power to the engine is an electronic upgrade. This could either come in the form of a stand alone replacement for your stock ECU, or a piggy-back system. Aftermarket parts made for the F20C and F22C can boost the horse power/torque and improve the overall performance of the car. Electronic upgrades can add a sports car feel to your vehicle.

When you consider these S2000 performance upgrades, remember they can be done in any order. Each car is different, and a practical and economical approach should be taken when doing performance upgrades. The final result will be the same however...your daily driver is transformed into a fucking beast on the highway.

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