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In 1999 to celebrate Honda's 50th anniversary the company released the Honda S2000. The S2000 was an evolution of four decades of motorsport mastery and was brimming with the advanced thinking that was typical in Honda's early years. Practically every element of the Honda S2000 is one-of-a-kind and designed for superior performance. Assembled in Tochigi, Japan, the same plant that produces the Honda NSX, the S2000 was built using the same rigorous building practices that people have come to expect from the Honda brand name.

With 150 mph top speed the S2000 was tantamount to the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3. With exact and precise handling comparable to that of race car consumers found that the S2000 was everything they would have expected to come from a new era Honda sports roadster. Significant enhancements were made to the 2004 model beginning with several chassis changes, and then to provide for an even more pleasurable driving encounter the steering, throttle, clutch, gearshift and brake systems of the S2000 were also revised.

S2000 Performance PartsWe are proud to offer you a full array of high quality Honda S2K accessories and performance parts for the ultimate in enhancements. Enhance your Honda S2000 with our selection of full T304 polished stainless steel race header systems, full titanium exhaust systems, and high flow catalytic converters. Want more air flow? We have carbon fiber cold air intakes, K&N FIPK's, and bored out throttle bodies.

Wanting even more to compliment your S2000? Choose from our large selection of fully adjustable street and racing suspension setups like the high-end coilover suspension systems, and suspension kits such as Tein and Eibach spring lowering kits. If you still looking for more to intensify the performance of your S2000 check out our selection of swaybar sets, bushing kits, full street and racing clutch kits, lightweight flywheels and limited slip rear ends or differentials.

If you crave power and want forced induction, we are the source for Honda S2K turbo and super charger packages and information. You can find out more about the new positive displacement supercharger kit along with Hondata K-Pro for superb engine management as a standalone system.You can also find more about the Apex SAFC NEO as a lower cost piggy-back ECU solution if you have the basic I/H/E support modifications done. We also carry a wide assortment of individual throttle bodies or ITB's that give great gains in midrange horse power and torque.

With our huge selection of performance enhancing parts and accessories we can help make upgrading and enhancing your Honda S2K easier and more convenient than ever. When you decide the time is right to amplify and augment your Honda S2000 come to us first and let us be your one and only stop for high quality performance parts and accessories that you can trust to be exactly what you're looking for.

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