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S2000 performance tuning is an industry and a hobby for many car enthusiasts and is a way to creatively personalize an engine to correspond to each individual driver’s unique driving style. For example, someone who is interested in preventing car pollution can modify their car to provide better fuel economy, while an individual interested in performance may tune their engine to produce more power at high RPM. In any case, while most cars leave the factory adjusted for average driver expectations and preferences, a performance tuned Honda S2000 provides people an outlet to individualize their cars to suit their need for speed.

S2000 Performance TuningThough many car owners consider the S2000 to be an exceptionally built vehicle, a good number of them also complain about the lacking low end power. For Honda S2000 owners, this tends to be the driving motivation to get their vehicles tuned. Some common modifications to rectify this problem include upgrading to a larger aftermarket exhaust and forced induction kit. Also, a remap to lower the VTEC point to around 4-5k RPM's allows for great gains to be had to midrange power. Even after these adjustments, many owners still complain about the lack of low end grunt. Other aspects of the Honda S2000, however, are second to none in the automobile industry.

The head on the S2000, for example, is built to perfection. Honda’s ability to polish and port the head allows to achieve an optimal flow rate, without having to resort to a spiral flow. We do recommend, however, that all S2000 performance tuning projects pay special attention to valvetrain by installing upgraded springs and retainers. Moreover, a compression test will help to determine the degree of wear and tear on the engine—any loss above 20% should be considered with caution and investigated more thoroughly.

For those drivers interested engine power, it is possible to modify the S2000 with a supercharger or turbo conversion. Unfortunately, the 11:1 compression ration will effect a very low boost, unless you lower the compression ration by adding a series of very extensive engine modifications. Anyone performing this sort of engine procedure should aim for a compression ratio of around 9.5:1. Power figures may approach 375 bhp. It is important to keep in mind, though, that in order to make such profound changes efficiently and effectively, you will need to supply alternative engine management and upgrade the fueling.

Other S2000 performance tuning options include a lower gearbox to improve acceleration times and weight reduction to aid engine performance. Another possibility is to increase the size of the OEM ventilated brake discs and upgrade to a 17 or 18 inch aftermarket rims.

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