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S2000 Engine Performance

The major design issue when creating S2000 performance parts is to maximize the power of your engine while still remaining reliable. The products created by us are manufactured by undisputed leaders in engine performance. Therefore, be assured that you are getting what you are paying for. All of our performance products are made with unbelievable quality and low prices. These products provide excellent results in your vehicle with performance in mind.

The first question that comes to mind is how these products can make the S2000 engine perform in a better way. Many products available can make the engine perform more proficiently.

F20/F22 Engine With ITB'sThe first change that you can apply to your S2000ís VTEC engine is increasing the displacement. As we know more displacement means more power. This can be done by changing the cylinders to bigger ones. After this upgrade, engine burns gas more effectively and you have increased power. 2.4 to 2.7 stroker kits can be purchased, along with ITB's (individual throttle bodies) for a really huge jump in low to mid range torque. Adding aftermarket cams and cam gears can also extract more power from the F20 and F22.

Another much known method is to increase the compression ratio to have a significant increase in performance. As the same in increasing the displacement, high compression allows the S2000 to have the coolest air possible in the cylinder and this adds to the efficiency of the car. Also the fuel injection creates absolute fuel metering which provides a significant increase in fuel economy.

You can also achieve a greater increase in engine performance by letting the exhaust flow smoothly. If the engine has a smooth exhaust system, there is less chance of having back pressure. When the piston is moving in the intake stroke, the air resistance can be lowered by having two intake valves instead of one. Last but not the least, putting lighter parts in your engine can significantly decrease the S2000's weight, giving a weight reduction side benefit.

Know matter what type of upgrade you are looking for, we are the one stop online shop that provide a wide range of S2000 engine performance parts. You can pick the right modification for your engine within your application and your budget. If you have problems looking for any part, please feel free to contact us.

The next time you ride your modified S2K and feel like a change in your engine's performance, you know where to look for it! Besides carrying top quality performance upgrades, we also offer the finest and friendliest service that you can imagine.

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