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S2000 Performance Exhaust

Increasing horsepower and torque, as many race drivers are well aware of, in the Honda S2000 can be accomplished with a high performance exhaust system. These systems are not as inhibited as other exhaust systems, and are usually a single 70mm+ muffler, as opposed to runing duel mufflers. Modification of this nature is a huge business, because all components of the catalytic converter are legal to modify. Both engine performance and exhaust sound are improved dramatically over stock parts by these products.

When converting over from the original equipment in the S2000, performance comes in second only to cost-effeciency. This is accomplished by bending the muffler and placing kinks in the bends of each turn of the exhaust systems, as well as by packing fiberglass on the muffler, which helps to keep in sound. While factory mufflers decay on the inside, after market muffler bodies do not because they are usually made of thin-guage steel, and are usually not welded at the seams. Factory mufflers also degrades and corrode, while the after market mufflers do not.

S2000 Performance ExhaustStock mufflers are just the beginning…once the S2000 performance exhaust upgrades and after market processes are complete, the muffler and tailpipe performance, longevity and sound quality become even better. Stock mufflers use the least expensive materials possible, while the after market mufflers use better and more expensive materials and manufacturing processes.

The problem with exhaust systems comes from the back pressure. If anything slows down the exhaust flow from the combustion chambers, this will compromise the engine performance, leaving remaining fumes in the cylinders. causes heat to build up, which will then stress the metal and weaken the entire system.

To improve this exhaust flow in the Honda S2K, any and all kinks must be removed from the tubing. (Like when a kink is removed from an extension hose…) Using a machine that drags a metal ball through the tubing will help the inside diameter to remain consistent through the bends of the exhaust, as well as the tailpipe system.

Standard mufflers keep in sound, in which exhaust must pass through in an S-like pattern. This goes through the fiberglass packing, which will then cause friction. This friction generates heat and causes pressure to build up. On the other hand, performance mufflers for the Honda S2000 work the opposite way. Performance mufflers are completely straight so that the exhaust doesn’t need to go through a winding chamber. Sounds are then absorbed through perforations in the acoustical material. Using a system like this will last longer, as well as run at a cooler temperature. The sound can be impressive when the S2000 performance exhaust system is tuned correctly!

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