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S2000 Performance Clutch

Fundamentally, all S2000 performance clutch kits have similar parts, such as the clutch pressure/friction plates, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing/bushing, and requires a clutch alignment. Based on what you are looking for from your clutch, you will have a clutch pressure plate that can enhance clamping forces compared to your OEM clutch. Numerous clutch friction plates, like the ones from ACT, have heavy-duty natural ingredients fashioned to enhance holding strength and lengthen your clutch’s longevity.

As the exceptional driver that you are, when it comes to S2000 performance clutches, you should research which one compliments the way you drive. Do you prefer gentle take-up and silent functioning of the OEM clutch? Or, would you rather have the racing style stiff shifting and elevated slippage? The best feature of the majority of aftermarket suppliers, such as ACT or Exedy, is that they will provide you with a clutch package that will perfectly suit your desired driving style.

S2000 Performance ClutchWhen you have to replace your worn out clutch for another one, you will have to make a crucial choice. Which coupling of aftermarket flywheel and clutch is the best and most suitable for your type of driving?

If you make an incorrect decision on which clutch kit to run, it may result in utter disappointment when going WOT with aggressive shifting. To avoid this, please look at all of the aftermarket clutch kits so that you understand which one would fit your application. However, this information will assist you in making the correct choice while zeroing in your clutch.

For the majority of 2WD applications such as street and drag racing, lightweight flywheels are oftentimes uses. The weight of OEM flywheels from Honda is around 22 and 24 pounds. A much lighter flywheel has a reduced counter weight that in turn, lets a driver elevate engine RPM's much faster and change gears much faster as well.

Sometimes, people who own S2K's have to get their clutch disk replaced because of a severe buzzing sound. This is normal and you can get the clutch disk replaced, in hopes of the sound going away, and sometimes works. Most aftermarket performance clutch kits will make these types of noises, which is not a big deal and will not affect the transmission.

In most instances, S2000 performance racing clutches allow for much quicker and more even gear changes during shifting. All race car drivers usually require more holding strength along with lower heat on their clutches. There are numerous kinds of clutches that should be considered when upgrading. Although all clutches work in the same manner, they all do not work the same. Some are built for the regular Joe Blow on the street, while others are designed to meet the demands of road racing or professional racing.

While your daily driver is most likely seeing a lot of miles and has the stock clutch, your S2000 needs to be running a higher performing aftermarket clutch in order to lay down the power!

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